EasySpeech Controls v2.0


The ISREngineModeInfo interface provides detailed information about a speech recognition supported by a particular engine.

This interface wrapped the SRMODEINFO structure in Microsoft SAPI 4.0. For more info about the members of IEnumSREngineModes, please refer the document of SAPI 4.0

SAPI 5.1 does not give similar information as SAPI 4.1 does, therefore IEnumSREngineModes translates such info for SAPI 5.1.

API_Type API type of this engine. This member can be one of the MS_SAPI4 or MS_SAPI5 constant.
EngineFeatures Features that are specific to the engine.
EngineGUID GUID that identifies the engine. It is possible for more than one mode to have the same engine identifier.
Features Features that are available.
Grammars Types of grammar supported by the engine.
Interfaces Interfaces that the engine supports.
Language The language of the engine.
LanguageID The language ID of the engine.
ManufacturerName Name of the manufacturer -- for example, "Acme Corporation."
MaxWordsState Maximum number of words in any state of a grammar.
MaxWordsVocab Maximum number of words allowed in an active vocabulary at any time.
ModeGUID GUID that uniquely identifies the mode. Property IEasyListen.CurrEngineMode use this value of identifies the voice.
ModeName Name of the text-to-speech mode.
ProductName Name of the product -- for example, "Acme's Talk-O-Matic."
Sequencing Recognition scheme.



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