EasySpeech Controls v2.0


The OnFalseRecognition event occurs when the speech recognition (SR) engine produces a false recognition.

Event OnFalseRecognition(
Result As String)


The string containing the recognition results.


A false recognition is the result of a recognition attempt in which either the word or phrase does not exist in the grammar, or that the speech does not adequately meet the confidence score for the application. Although applicable to dictation grammars, it is more common with command and control instances, because the available words are significantly restricted.

The recognition result returned with a FalseRecognition is still valid and contains all the information a Recognition event does, including the text. Although the text is not necessarily representative of the intended speech, it represents the best estimate of that speech. If using alternates (automatically chosen alternate phrase selections for a recognition), the first alternate returned will likely be the same as the FalseRecognition result.

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