WaveEx.Net Component Documentation


The WaveEx.Net is a general purpose wave audio .Net component that can be used to play and record audio files. It supports Windows ACM (Audio Compression Manager) and it can play/record all formats for which an associated codec is installed on the PC, including PCM, MP3, RIFF-MP3, ADPCM, GSM, CCIT A Law and µ Law, True Speech(TM), etc. Playback and recording is available for all wave devices installed on the PC.

WaveEx.Net uses the Windows low-level multimedia API to gain the absolute control of the audio devices needed to access the actual waveform-audio data and give precise control of the playback and recording process. You can also monitor and manipulate the raw audio data stream using WaveEx.Net.

The WaveEx.Net component also has the capability to convert audio files from one audio format to another audio format. For example: convert .mp3 to .wav or encode the .wav to .mp3 files.

WaveEx.Net has no delays and infinite length of playback and recording, by using multiple buffers to stream audio to and from the hard disk drive. WaveEx.Net uses eight small buffers that are continuously filled and presented sequentially to the wave device for playback or recording.


Component Features