Telephony Programming Controls
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  • TAPIEx.Net Component 64bit edition released.
  • ToneDecoder.Net Component 64bit edition released.
  • WaveEx.Net Component 64bit edition released.
  • ToneEncoder v1.6 released.

    Add telephony features to your applications with our controls!

    is telephony programming ActiveX Control. Support multi-lines, help you build you CTI, IVR system in few minutes. Features: Transfer, Conference, SR, TTS, Phone Device, Detect Caller ID, Digital Record/Playback, Detect DTMF key press tones, Generate DTMF/tones.

    TAPIEx abstracts Microsoft TAPI to simple telephone objects that can be easily controlled by your application and it can help you to create your own CTI(Computer Telephony Integration) applications easily.

    ToneDecoder.Net is the component that for tones decoding. It can decode DTMF touch tone, 1200 bps FSK Caller ID signal, custom tones , TTY/TDD Baudot code and so on.


    WaveEx.Net is a general purpose wave audio control that can be used to play and record audio files. It supports many wave formats such as RIFF-MP3, GSM, CCIT A Law and µ Law etc.

    ToneEncoder.Net is the high performance, professional, stable and very easy to used .Net Componentl to encode variant of tone signals such as DTMF, Caller ID, Users define tones, TTY baudot and so on.


    EasySpeech is a development tool that helps you speech-enable Windows applications. With EasySpeech, you can add speech recognition, text-to-speech a new or existing application. It is compatible SAPI 5 and SAPI 4.


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