EasySpeech Controls v2.0


The IEasyListen interface provides speech recognition support for your applications. It provides two modes of speech recognition: Voice-Dictation and Voice-Command.

  • Voice-Dictation
  • Voice-Command
  • When a phrase is recognized during the Voice-Dictation or the Voice-Command recognitions, the OnRecognitionFinalResult event is fired passing the text recognized.

    Properties Description
    For registered users only.
    CurrEngineMode Specify the desired speech recognition engine.
    Device Specify the desired waveform input device (default: sound card).
    DeviceID Specify the ID of desired waveform input device.
    EngineModes Returns the reference of enumeration collection interface --IEnumSREngineModes which provides COM-standard enumeration methods for the ISREngineModeInfo interface.
    InternalSRInterface Returns the reference of internal interface.
    VoiceCmdFile Sets this property with the file name containing the control grammar.
    VoiceCmdList Sets this property with the list of voice commands.


    Methods Description
    DictationStart Starts the Voice-Dictation recognition.
    DictationStop Stops the Voice-Dictation recognition.
    DisplayUI Initiates the display of the specified UI.
    ListenStop Stops both Voice-Dictation and Voice-Command recognitions.
    ShowConfigureDialog Displays the configure property page dialog.
    VoiceCmdStart Starts the Voice-Command recognition.
    VoiceCmdStop Stops the Voice-Command recognition.


    Events Description
    OnAudioLevel Occurs when the SAPI audio object detects a change in audio level.
    OnDebug Occurs when debug information is available.
    OnFalseRecognition Occurs when the speech recognition (SR) engine produces a false recognition.
    OnHypothesis Occurs when the SR engine produces a hypothesis.
    OnInterference Occurs when the speech recognition (SR) engine encounters interference in the input audio stream.
    OnRecognitionFinalResult Occurs when the speech recognition (SR) engine produces a recognition.
    OnSoundEnd Occurs when the speech recognition (SR) engine encounters an end of sound in the audio input stream.
    OnSoundStart Occurs when the SR engine encounters the start of sound in the audio input stream.
    OnStreamEnd Occurs when the text-to-speech (TTS) engine reaches the end of a stream while speaking.
    OnStreamStart Occurs when the text-to-speech (TTS) engine begins speaking a stream.

    See Also

    IEasyListen is compatible with Microsoft SAPI 4.0 or SAPI 5.1. [SAPI (Speech API) is the Microsoft standard interface for Speech Recognition (SR) and Text-to-Speech (TTS) engines. ]

  • For SAPI 4.0, If your system have no SAPI 4.0 installed, please download the program from the Microsoft SAPI download page or from our web site download page.
  • For SAPI 5.1, which is the version shipped with Windows XP. Users of other Windows versions will need to install SAPI 5.1 first. SAPI 5.1 is available free of charge from the Microsoft web site: http://www.microsoft.com/speech/download/sdk51/ .
  • In order to use IListen, you also need to have a SR (Speech Recognition) engine installed on your computer. A number of these engines are available from different vendors. Microsoft, for example, offers a freely redistributable SR engine at Microsoft web site.